Lab 5: Sea-Level Rise


<Your Name (NetID)>


Fri., Feb. 16


The usual

As always:

  1. Clone the lab repository to your computer
  2. Open the lab repository in VS Code
  3. Open the Julia REPL and activate, then instantiate, the lab environment
  4. Make sure you can render: quarto render template.qmd in the terminal.
    • If you run into issues, try running ] build IJulia in the Julia REPL (] enters the package manager).
    • If you still have issues, try opening up That should trigger VS Code to give you the option to install the Python extension, which you should do. Then you should be able to open a menu in the bottom right of your screen to select which Python installation you want VS Code to use.

Load packages

using CSV
using DataFrames
using DataFramesMeta
using Distributions
using Plots
using StatsPlots
using Unitful


Local package

using Revise
using HouseElevation