Week 1 readings


Wed., Jan. 10

Please read the following news articles:

You are encouraged, though not required, to use Zotero to store your readings. You can save news articles using the browser extension for your browser of choice. If you save the news article as a PDF (go to “print” and then choose “save as PDF”) you can link the PDF to your library and your annotations will be saved.

There are other great tools, including Randrop.io and hypothes.is. Figure out what works for you!


Frank, T. (2022, August 22). Bold New Jersey Shore Flood Rules Could Be Blueprint for Entire U.S. Coast. Scientific American. Retrieved from https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/bold-new-jersey-shore-flood-rules-could-be-blueprint-for-entire-u-s-coast/
Sommer, L. (2022, February 9). An unexpected item is blocking cities’ climate change prep: Obsolete rainfall records. NPR: Climate. Retrieved from https://www.npr.org/2022/02/09/1078261183/an-unexpected-item-is-blocking-cities-climate-change-prep-obsolete-rainfall-reco